Balanced set of functions for high performance

Strategy and visualization of ideas that can be transformed into effectual ways to accomplish organizational objectives is our vision. Our services allow organizations to envisage solutions aiming to align the human and non-human assets before development stage. DataAnts LLC is a dedicated and scalable data analytics services provider offering consulting, teaching and custom development solutions to a plethora of industry verticals. In addition to imparting training and teaching to students, executives and IT teams of corporates on the latest softwares and skills related to data intelligence, we assist in leveraging an organization’s existing data for enhancement of business strategy, deploying an effective Business Intelligence platform to track and report various key metrics.

Examining complex data logic for smart business decision making

We are your ultimate outsourcing data analytics partners offering comprehensive solutions including consulting, teaching and custom development aligned with your needs. We help you build the Business Intelligence systems once and deploy it anywhere with full control across the organization.


Power BI

Reporting for NetSuite, Salesforce and other CRM/ERP softwares

Data Modelling via Alteryx, Talend

Every service and solution extended by us is in sync with global standards inclusive of all that is integral for your business growth. Our reach is much beyond our clients’ expectations across industry verticals covering E-commerce, Manufacturing, Medicine, Government, Healthcare, Real Estate, HR, Education sectors and many more to join the list soon.

As a part of the comprehensive services, we have assisted our clients in budget tracking, survey metrics, diagnosing and evaluating symptoms, refined data modelling and more. We are well versed in helping you run and support your processes well through advanced data analytics tools and methodologies. From extracting data to transforming it and loading the transformed data for operational procedures is our forte.

• Data Extraction – Our team makes use of the best tools and techniques like Oracle, Azure, MySQL etc. to extract data from a variety of data sources
• Data Transformation – Our data specialists make the extracted data more business appropriate by creating rules and filtering out the noise
• Data Loading – Our experts load the transformed and filtered data into Business Intelligence tools like Tableau/Power BI for obtaining actionable